351 St David Street, Stratford, Ontario N5A 1E1


History of the Homes House

The Holmes House was built in 1867 by a highly respected contractor named John Holmes.

  • Holmes made his mark on Stratford as the builder of Knox Presbyterian Church, St. James Anglican Chruch and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.
  • The second prominent resident of this prestigious home was E.K. Barnsdale, a respected businessman and one-time mayor of the city.
  • The third notable figure to own the house was Alfred L. Holmes, a salesman and butter manufacturer with the Stratford Creamery.
  • It is reported that the house was divided into a duplex for two of Holmes’ sisters.
  • This is a triple gable structure, with moorish touches in the detailing.  The building facade is highlighted with white brick tracery acting as lateral bands and gable adornments along with white brick quoins. The window sashes are common to local buildings in the latter part of the 1860’s and some of the upper lights in the windows at the front are examples of very fine pattern-work.The gables still have the finial and trefoil bargeboards which give a lacy effect, thus lightening the visual mass of the structure.
  • Today this elegant home provides accommodation for Strtaford residents and visitors in five warm and welcoming apartments.

Come to Stratford and feel completely at home. We are the proud owners of this lovely property,
and look forward to hosting you on your next trip to Stratford.

Jane and Pat Feryn